Case Study

"Chihiro Koshi Exhibition" Special Lesson Appupu Project

Efforts of Mimaki
Contemporary artist, Ms.Chihiro Koshi, Designer Mr.Akihiko Momose (MOMOTOSE), and SANTO MYUZE (Ueda municipal art museum)
Offered children's "Appupu" photographs printed on canvas.

Mimaki product used

Moveon Co., Ltd.

To expand our business into new fields, we must install products that are made with reliable technologies and supported by secure technical service to meet large-volume orders in short delivery times.
Mimaki products satisfies various customer demands and enables the in-house manufacturing of various products. In addition, the increased productivity brought by these products allows us to fulfill large-volume orders in short delivery times. The company is planning to increase its investment in facilities and equipment.

Akatsuki Kagaku Co., Ltd.

Switching a etching method from analogue photo to digital printing at low investment without losing etching quality.
Finishing quality of etching is perfect and production time is reduced. In addition, the company is interested in starting the new business by utilizing direct printing, a one features of the inkjet printer.

Mimaki product used

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